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CI 208: Getting Social

Getting SocialThis episode, Bob and Chris talk about the business applications of social media: promotion, networking, community and lead generation.

The social media scene is so big that there’s no way we can touch on everything, but we can definitely talk about some of the more relevant types of tools available, and we can certainly list a bunch of them below. The categories below are very general guidelines, especially when you consider that many of the tools really blur the lines and could easily fit into more than one.

Broadcast Media:
If you’re looking to broadcast your ideas or message, its a 1-to-many conversation. Even though your audience can communicate with you through comments and trackbacks, for the most part its a one way medium.




Utterli (formerly utterz)



Professional Networking:

Linked In

Personal Networking:


Water Cooler/Chat


Image Sharing Communities:


Start Your Own Community:

WordPress MU


Google Profiles

Also mentioned specifically is Dani Jones “Dani Draws Live” UStream channel.

Homework Assignments

  1. Go sign up for accounts at:
    • Linked In
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • MySpace
  2. Friend Bob and Chris on Twitter:
  3. Start thinking about our visual branding. We’re going to start implementing visual elements within the next 2 shows, so it would be nice if its ready to go.

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Matt Reed

I think you guys are on track with every service but myspace. So many people have jumped ship on myspace it’s more of a ghost town on the internet. I would not put it in my top 4 or even 5. I think if you’re a creative you need to be on twitter and facebook, but engaging on flickr and deviantart. Ustream and Livestream are also really good and I can see more and more artists using them to gain friend and followers.

Let’s take my trip to your site and podcast for an example.
I found the podcast/site through Bob.
I found Bob because he was doing a Ustream.
I found out about his Ustream from both Twitter and the Artcast Network.
I found out about those because of twitter user @DaniDraws.

I could go on and on. It’s so amazing how social media is connecting everyone, but I don’t think MySpace is worth your time anymore.

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