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A4F archives: Interview w/ Michael Gerber of E-Myth Worldwide and In The Dreaming Room

Michael Gerber ~ The E Myth

This episode is a repost from our classic Answers for Freelancers feed that we felt highly impacted the decision to start Creative Independence. This episode is #8 from the first season.

Michael Gerber, author, entrepreneur, and acclaimed business consultant, talks to us about what happens when Freelancers are ready to start growing their business into a true company; the kind of business that allows the owner to touch the world in a way that is truly meaningful and allows him the freedom to pursue those interests, both inside and outside of work, that he feels are the most important.

If you have reached a point in your career where you are looking for this kind of growth, then this is an interview you don’t want to miss.

Freelancing is an idea that is full of romance and wonder; doing your own thing, anywhere you want, anytime you want. Traveling the world while creating your art, or working from home while watching your children grow up. Paying the bills when your ‘real job’ disappears. Freelancing presents itself as an ideal solution to many people under various circumstances, and if it didn’t work, people all over the world wouldn’t be doing it.

However, the very nature of freelancing is this: as guns for hire, we only make money when we are producing. This means that eventually we hit a threshold we cannot pass beyond, since we can only work so many hours, and we can only charge so much. Also, for most of us, as we get older, the number of people we are responsible for providing for keeps increasing. Finally, as creative individuals, most of us have all sorts of projects that we wish we could be working on, but our freelance duties keep us from accomplishing them. How do we move beyond this?

When its time for you to move beyond the pay-per-piece or pay-per-hour world of Freelancing, but you want to continue working as a independent artist, its time to get a fresh perspective on your business and what it will take to truly make the next phase of your career take flight. Our interview with Michael Gerber serves to open the door to this line of thinking, and we hope you will join us as we consider these new ideas.

Show Notes:

E-Myth Worldwide: http://www.e-myth.com/

In the Dreaming Room: http://inthedreamingroom.com/

Michael Gerber’s Manifesto: http://blog.inthedreamingroom.com/

E-Myth Revisited: Amazon.com

Also, make sure to follow up with us in our next episode as we discuss in more detail many of the ideas that Michael has presented in his book that we simply weren’t able to touch on in our interview.

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Dave Titus

This was a good interview and gave me some great inspiration to take a fresh look at what I’m doing with my illustration career. One comment on something you said after the interview. You said that Michael Gerber’s comments were not meant for someone who is happy with what they are doing and not looking for a change, but more for those that are looking for something fresh, a new direction etc. I think the message was to the contrary. This is for everyone! I think as an entrepreneur you are missing the boat if you don’t continuously look for freshness everyday in your own career and life. Taking a new look at what you are doing can improve your business even if you are happy and content. We can always learn more and grow. Nice job with the podcasts. keep it up.


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