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CI 402: He’s Back! – Interview with Cedric Hohnstadt, 4 years later!!!

Cedric Hohnstadt - Pose Drawing Sparkbook

You may recall several years ago the very last interview we did was with our good friend Cedric Hohnstadt. In this episode Chris, and I jump into the CI time machine and flash forward to today where we catch up with Cedric again after four years. Cedric reveals what he’s been up to for the past four years as well as his top secret formula for an amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign.

What does it take to get a successful Kickstarter campaign off the ground? Is it a lot of work? How can I achieve this kind of greatness? Can anybody have a successful Kickstarter campaign or do you have to know someone? Cedric answers all these questions and more. We’ll answer all these questions and more…


Check out this exciting excerpt from Cedric’s official press release:

CI-Spark Book photo - Cedric HohnstadtMinneapolis, MN, November 6, 2013 — Minneapolisbased
illustrator Cedric Hohnstadt has created a new sketchbook designed to help artists put more life and personality into their drawings.

Some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood are based on animated cartoons, comic books, and video games all of which start as drawings and require large teams of artists working behind the scenes to bring them to the screen. The artists who know how to create appealing characters and make entertaining drawings are in hot demand.

The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter.com, where it was featured near the top of the
“Popular” list under Kickstarter’s “Publishing” category (beating out almost 500 other projecdts) and so far has been well received by the creative community. Over 550 people backed the project and the campaign received over 1,700 “likes” on Tumblr.

For more on Cedric please visit his website at:


If you like what you’re hearing in this interview be sure to join Cedric for his webinar where he’ll go into more detail about planning a successful kickstarter campaign

Cedric has also offered a promo code for our listeners: CFWIN2014

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