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CI 401: Kickstarting our Kickstarter Maxi-Series

Kickstarting our Kickstarter Maxi Series

After a 3 year hiatus, Bob and Chris are producing new episodes of Creative Independence. Both of us have been very busy for the past few years, and we’re both involved in some cool new projects.  We’re doing things that go beyond anything we’ve talked out in our shows before. We’ll fill you in on those in a minute, but the point is that we have been working on new projects, learning some really cool stuff, meeting some great folks and are continuing to figure things out as we go, and excited to share what we’ve learned.

Longtime listeners may notice that the websites on our network have recently received an overhaul. Work is ongoing, but coming along nicely. As we’ve prepared to get CI ready for these new episodes, we made the decision to go ahead and spend some time cleaning up our original show, Answers for Freelancers. What we’re going to do is listen to all of them one at a time, and if we feel they should be returned to the feed, we’re giving them a new writeup, appropriate graphics, and dropping them back into the feed. This is a free time project, so it will take a little while to finish.

Note: Answers for Freelancers has its own feed, so you’ll definitely want to subscribe to it directly. Rereleased episodes WILL NOT drop in the main Creative Independence feed.

So, back to those projects we were talking about back in the first paragraph.

Bob has started a new teaching site, http://bobteachesart.com/ where he teaches Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator online, especially in an illustration setting. He does 1-on-1 training, classes, posts tutorials, and all sorts of other cool things.

Bob is also getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a series of Children’s books he’s been working on.

Not to be left out, Chris, has been working on some game design projects with his wife and daughter, and they are preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to print their first game. Check out their website at http://EsmayaAndMe.com/ .

So, this next “maxi-series” of Creative Independence episodes will be focused on Kickstarting your game and book projects. This path isn’t fully mapped out, but we hope you’ll be surprised and delighted as we roll it out. Stick around and see how this turns out at the same time we do.

Bob mentions a recent episode of I Love Marketing’s podcast: http://ilovemarketing.com/episode-119-the-one-about-crowdfunding-with-mike-cline/

Thanks for sticking with us, and its great talking with you all again.

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