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The Wireless Generation

The Wireless Generation

Drew and Cole, apparently in the midst of a festival of color. My guess is in India, somewhere.

Drew and Cole, apparently in the midst of a festival of color. My guess is in India, somewhere.

In 2000, Drew Gilbert worked at Funnybone Interactive alongside Bob and myself. And like Bob and I, shortly thereafter found himself pounding the pavement looking for freelance work as the economy came to what seemed like a grinding halt. Like most of our contemporaries, we found that work was slim and opportunities for salaried positions far between. And so, like the rest of our pals, we carried on freelancing and making things work the best we could.

That’s where the similarities end, however. For the past decade, Drew and Christine, his wife, have been learning to live the remote life. I’ve been following along online as he has traveled the world, posting his adventures for the world to read and see. From his Tough Guy race in the UK a couple of years back (all I was doing at the time was a wimpy triathlon!) to hopping around the Orient; blog posts, tumbler dumps and most recently, instagram photos.

Why am I bringing all of this up now? Well, Drew and Christine have almost finished their documentary, The Wireless Generation, which is an inside look into the lives of a number of remote living professionals. Folks who have taken the unique opportunity that exists at THIS TIME in the world. An almost unlimited access to online working opportunities, and a powerful enough US dollar to be able to provide the basic necessities of life while travelling and experiencing the world as you go.

Want to see it AND help Drew and Christine out at the same time? Check out their Kickstarter project. The funding is to help out with the final editing costs and with fees associated with a film festival tour they are planning for 2013. Best of all, any pledges valued at $25 or more automatically qualify for a copy of the movie BEFORE its available for purchase. The project ends August 29th (?!? Why the 29th and not the 31st? I have NOOO idea, but that’s the date if you want it.)

I highly recommend it. It should be a great watch.

Apparently, not only do I recommend it, but so does Mashable:

MC Hammer and Tim Ferriss also threw out some love that can be seen in the kickstarter project’s updates.

For more information on Drew in general, check out his online spaces.

Drew’s home site:

Drew’s Worst Idea Ever (an adventure in human pain in words, photos and video):

Drew’s travels in India:

And last, but not least, one of my favorites, The Drew Review:

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Patricia Sands

Thanks for all the super links. I’m going to post a link to your site and hopefully drum up some more pledges for this totally worthwhile project!

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