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CI 210: Burning a New Feed

As Bob and I continue to roll out the new Creative Independence Network, we’ve reached a point where if we wanted to split the Creative Independence feed from the Answers for Freelancers! feed, that now would be the ideal time to do it. So, we did. Overall, things are looking good. iTunes has updated the feed to not only point to the new location, but the show is also indexed correctly in the iTunes directory. Our new site, also a bit on the bare-walls-and-no-paint side, is also up and functioning.

You may notice that this isn’t a standard WordPress install. Because we have multiple blogs that we want to keep up and running, and because we’d like to add more creatives to the contributors list moving forward, we’ve chosen to go forward with WordPress MU (multi-user). For the most part, it works much like the standard WordPress package, but it has a few differences in the back end.  We’ve also installed BuddyPress which will allow us more social media options moving forward, including starting groups, forums and the like as we choose to roll them out.

4 Main Areas of the Creative Independence Network pre-launch (and subject to change):

  1. Creative Independence Podcast (you’re here right now).
  2. Answers for Freelancers (currently archives. Might it continue as a show?!?) – http://answersforfreelancers.creativeindependence.net/
  3. Bob’s CI blog – http://bobostromstudio.creativeindependence.net/
  4. Chris’ “Aithene Multimedia” site http://aithene.creativeindependence.net/

We were also visited briefly by our old friend, Ken Perkins. Actually, he and Bob had been chatting on Skype when Bob called me to record this episode, so, we spent a few minutes just saying ‘hi’ and seeing what Ken was up to. Unfortunately, Ken wasn’t expecting to record, and forgot to use headphones, so you you can hear Bob and Me in the background, which means we couldn’t marry out audio up with Ken’s without getting a wicked echo effect, so we trimmed it down and just used Ken’s audio as it, which explains the quality of the opening.

That being said, if you want to catch up with Ken or see what he’s been working on lately, you can find his portfolio here – http://kenperkinscreative.com/. Its another great example of using Apple’s very simple to use photo gallery’s as a portfolio.

Please let us know if you experience any strangeness with our feed, or if you see any broken or unupdated feed listings on any directories. Thanks!

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Hey guys, I see where you are going with this, and I like it. I look forward to see more content from you, let me know if you need any help.


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