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CI 201: Fries in a Cup

Just a catch up show with a little mail bag, some catch up of how things are going with Chris’ new business and a few other odds and ends.

We hope you enjoy it!

Chris blows the opening by double-clicking on his Wacom tablet, and then the dynamic dou lament the loss of several episodes of season 1.


Letter from @DavilaDraws:
We open with a letter from freelance illustrator and designer, Topher Davila from http://inkedideas.com/ and http://daviladraws.com/

Chris’ wonderfully tom-boyish wife interrupts the recording to ask if they can go out for 5 Guys Cheeseburgers after Chris finishes recording.  Find one near you:

Someone please write to Bob, since he feels like no one ever writes to him. He’s at bobostromstudio at gmail dot com


New Twitter Followers:
Rob Christianson ~ http://twitter.com/robchristianson


New Sketchbook Participants
Rob Christianson ~ http://cisketchbook.ning.com/profile/RobChristianson


Then Bob asks Chris about some issues Chris and his wife have been having with their vendor and some lessons learned about choosing products and vendors.

Other links referenced in the show:


Books mentioned in this episode:
Seth Godin’s The Dip

Amazon (hardcover book)
The Dip in Hardcover: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)

Amazon (CD)
The Dip on CD: A nice recording that Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)

Amazon (Kindle eBook)
The Dip on Kindle: A Little eBook That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)


Contact Us:
site – http://answers-for-freelancers.com/
email – answersforfreelancers (at) gmail.com
twitter (bob) – http://twitter.com/bobostromstudio
twitter (chris) – http://twitter.com/aithene

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This was a great podcast… looking forward to more, and following both you guys on Twitter. =)

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