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CI 101: Chris Ventures Forth

CI LogoWelcome one and all to the first ever episode of Bob Ostrom’s and Chris Wilson’s new show, Creative Independence!  The goal of the show is to explore and highlight the many and varied ways that intelligent and creative people are using their talents to create and run businesses that generate income that does not include billing for hourly, project or any other rate.

We hope you enjoy it!

Chris is all over the mic with a cold and Bob apologizes about having completely dissed the twitterverse by accident.

The Content:
First up, at 10 minutes in, Chris starts talking about his and his wife’s first foray into the online sales business, Intelligent Acne Treatment.  They operate the IAT website under the business umbrella of their company, Light Therapy Options.  Light Therapy Options was the idea of Chris’ wife and its purpose is to educate people on the healthy natural benefits of light, especially sunlight, which for most of the year is a free resource, that can be used to stave off a multitude of diseases from acne to cancer, and where necessary, to make products affordable so that most people are able to purchase them.

Intelligent Acne Treatment – http://intelligentacnetreatment.com/
Light Therapy Options home site – http://lighttherapyoptions.com/

Other links referenced in the site:
Twittermail – http://twittermail.com/
Enlux – http://enluxled.com/
High Rankings with Jill Whalen – http://highrankings.com/
Overture – http://overture.com/
Google Ad Words – https://adwords.google.com/
Wordtracker – http://www.wordtracker.com/

Books mentioned in this episode:
E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
Amazon (book)
Amazon (CDs)

The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

Books of possible interest:
Light: Medicine of the Future by Jacob Liberman

Contact Us:
site – http://answers-for-freelancers.com/
email – answersforfreelancers (at) gmail.com
twitter (bob) – http://twitter.com/bobostromstudio
twitter (chris) – http://twitter.com/aithene

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I only had to listen to you guys to point of when you critiqued the four hour work week. I am glad someone else thinks that the four hour work week is bull overall I think the book has some great suggestions and helpful hints on making a plan to get you out of running your business and letting the normal task be completed by others. But the fact that he wants everyone to outsource EVERYTHING is bad business. If everyone in America did it then there would be no business here and our economy would crumble.

I look forward to hearing more.

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