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A4F Archives: A Follow-up Discussion to our Interview with Michael Gerber, the E-Myth man.

This episode is a repost from our classic Answers for Freelancers feed that we felt highly impacted the decision to start Creative Independence. This episode is #9 from the first season.

In episode 8, we interviewed renowned business guru Michael Gerber, who had some very interesting thoughts on the very nature and business viability of freelancing. Michael’s remarks sparked some heated debates between Ken, Bob and Chris. So much so, that even before posting Michael’s interview, we knew we were going to have to follow it up with a discussion of our own on the subject. Are we actually telling you to stop freelancing? Yes! No! Maybe? Listen in and tell us what you think.

We take a hard look at the differences between freelancing and entrepreneurship. How are they fundamentally different? How do you apply Michael’s techniques to either to become more successful? Is one doomed to failure while another is a rocketship heading to the moon? Not necessarily, but until you understand the key features of each, you can’t really start to grow either, or grow beyond where you are now.

Give it a listen and weigh in. All of us, the hosts AND your fellow listeners, are anxious to know what you think. Where do you stand on this idea? Did you like the topic? Would you like to see us continue to offer more of this diverse type of subject matter? Let us know. Shoot us an email, leave a comment below, or drop us some audio using our My Chingo account to the left.

Yup, we know we were a little later than anticipated getting this out, but that just really goes to show the strong feeling we have on this subject.  We’re glad you’re still with us.

Pod on.  Chris, Bob and Ken

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How come iTunes only have 7 episodes? Are you guys using the iTunes feed or should I try manually?



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chris —

Yeah. We’re when we changed sites, there was a hiccup. I think I’ve found a work around, but currently, iTunes isn’t hitting our XML feed. Feel free to subscibe directly to the RSS2 link on the subscribe page.

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M. Cross

Great follow up… Can you guys do an episode on a general workflow of start to finish on a job you get as a freelancer. The business side of a job…Example:when to bill, how many payments. How often do you contact the client to update them? How many proofs do you send them? Do you contact a printer and have it printed for them, or just send them the files… I’m just wondering about some nuts, and bolts stuff… Thanks.. great job… Looking forward to each and every episode.

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chris —

That’s a good idea. Its kind of a tough one, since we all make allowances for clients needs, project length, and the type of work being done, but I think there’s some room in there to at least start the conversation.

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